Some voices from the audience after viewing a few preliminary scenes from the opera ‘In Virtual Heaven’ in 2014 (before it was completed)

 "The test scenes from the opera "In Virtual Heaven" showed an evolving masterpiece. A modern day situation is captured with razor-sharp precision. People experience and enact their feelings fully in the ‘unreal’ world of electronic social media, whereas when these same people meet in the flesh they find that the spell is broken. It shows that in the virtual world romance can last forever. The opera "In Virtual Heaven" is an outstanding historical musical document. This may be the best opera composed in Sweden since ”Aniara” by Blomdahl .

[Mats Cederqvist from Stockholm]


"The test scenes we witnessed in the Eric Ericson Hall were among the best Swedish contemporary music drama we have experienced. Very impressive! It is exciting that such music is being composed today. We are really looking forward to the premiere "

[Robert and Christina from Gnesta]